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Healthy eating for conception and pregnancy

kidney infection symptoms

an infection or not. Although no standardized test can not determine the difference between infection of the upper and lower urinary tract, the presence of high temperature (fever) and pain in the hips,
It's hot and we do not think that we could catch a cold and is only at first glance unusual summer earn urinary tract infection. Although infections caused by bacteria, immune system weakens as we bitterly cold and cold so the likelihood of contracting the disease is higher, a lot of summer just sitting on the ground, stone or concrete, long staying in a wet bathing suit. Such behavior increases the chances of urinary infection from a urinary tract can be affected by both men and women from childhood to adulthood. However, statistically the greatest chance of having young, sexually healthy women (primarily because of the anatomy) and older men (primarily due to enlarged prostate).

A large number of urinary tract infection begins in the so-called. lower tract (bladder and urethra). Inflammation of the upper urinary tract are often the result of untreated infection of the lower tract, but can have serious inflammation and kidney disease unrelated to inflammation of the bladder.

For the majority of urinary tract infections are responsible intestinal bacteria (eg Escherichia coli). They are in the intestines of normal, desirable, and at this point do not cause disease. But when you come through the anal opening, easily due to the urinary tract, where they cause inflammation, so-called. cystitis. The disease has many symptoms: frequent and painful urination, pain in the bladder, difficulty urinating (feel the need to urinate and went out just a few drops of urine), changed appearance of urine (blurry, dark, smelly), blood in the urine, fever and fever , nausea, diarrhea, pain in the abdomen and kidney area.

Interestingly, the urinary tract infections often suffer otherwise healthy women, ie those who do not have other health problems.

Milder infections are treated with teas and stillness, serious antibiotics (only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician). Doctor should tell people where the inflammation calms more days, pregnant women, older men and people who have repeated infections. No matter what you are otherwise healthy, the doctor immediately contact even if the symptoms are very pronounced and represented them more, and when the situation was deteriorating rapidly, especially when the temperature is significantly elevated. It is possible that the infection has spread to the kidneys and folk medicine is not enough - you have nothing to lose if she turns out to be a mild inflammation of the bladder, and a lot will not help if it was something serious.

bladder infection symptoms

Women have a shorter urethra and urinary opening near the anal so it is logical that more sick. The greater the chance of infection in women using the diaphragm and vaginal contraceptives like spermicides, and the infection can be transmitted during sexual intercourse and foreplay. During pregnancy, the chance of infection is increased by the increased levels of hormones. Urinary tract infections in pregnancy should be taken seriously, because they can be associated with complications of pregnancy and child death. During treatment, teas, avoid acidic foods and drinks, because neutralize alkalinity of tea. What treatment is also a good preventative and you a chance to reduce urinary tract infection increased fluid intake (at times uvin drink tea or tea made from cranberries and when you are healthy). Avoid tight and synthetic clothing on the private parts of the body (especially the thong), and better shower than to sit in the tub. Drink plenty of fluids before and after sexual intercourse, make sure the hygiene of sex (avoid touching around the anal opening, and all the movements and contacts that could contribute to the transfer of bacteria), urinating after intercourse, after defecating deleted from the urinary to the anal opening ( to reduce the chance of transmission of bacteria) and the daily change underwear and note the increased hygiene private parts. If you frequently suffer from urinary tract infections, stop drinking coffee, alcohol and soda.

Once you get a bladder infection, that's a big chance that it will be repeated throughout life. Fortunately, the incidence of high-quality prevention of illness can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

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